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November 3, 2013

…… it better to survive, at the expense of a minority group, or to protect that group and remain human? The election in 2010 heralded, not the rise of the fascist right, but it’s death-throes. We’ve seen a massive upsurge in the use of vile, hate-filled rhetoric and the demonization of minority groups. The disabled are mostly faking it, milking the system and getting a free ride on you, the hardworking taxpayer. The unemployed are getting money for nothing, laughing at you as you sweat for a pittance. Immigrants are flooding in, draining the coffers and plotting atrocities against the very country that gave them so much. We’ve seen a push to promote ‘traditional values’, by way of a tax break for married couples, contradicted by the phony support for same sex marriage. Be under no illusion about that, it was a cynical attempt to buy the gay vote in 2015, nothing to do with tolerance or fairness. Perhaps a compromise to placate the liberals, although, what they gave in return was a price much too high. “You can have same sex marriage, but you help us to punish the other people we hate”. And Nick Clegg and his band of hypocritical, spineless, forked tongue, traitorous charlatans, gladly rolled over and said,”I’m yours! Do with me as you will”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         However, the coalition is not the true source of all this hatred of the weakest and most disadvantaged, they are merely puppets of the corporate machine. The capitalist asset strippers have given their orders, that the economy must be ‘rebalanced’, that it’s unfair for the private sector to pay for the maintainance of the shirkers and scroungers, while they have to work so hard and get nothing in return. Conveniently, they forget to mention that the majority of benefit recipients are pensioners(who’ve done their time and earned it)and working people receiving tax credits and housing benefit, the reason for which is the disgracefully low-paid status of the majority within the private sector. £120bn every year is spirited away from theses shores, via tax havens, dubious tax loopholes which could be closed and, most despicabley of all, full government backing for the practice of tax ‘avoidance’. Call it what you will, the simple truth is that the corporates run the economy, they abuse the tax system designed by them and with the blessing and full support of a corrupt, weak, ideologically driven non-government.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       So, you have a situation where the people whose job it is to protect the vulnerable are, in fact, making a concerted effort to drive them away from society’s eyes. Those who are meant to enforce the law and prosecute the criminals, are actually aiding and abetting the criminals for whom they essentially work. The National Health Service is no longer a public service, publicly funded, not publicly controlled. The energy companies play pass the parcel with customers, knowing full well that their is no choice between them. Add to that, the bold new venture called fracking, potentially the most ecologically destructive practice ever devised by the profit hungry, environmental terrorists, better known as THE BIG 6. Again, this is being done with full government support, on the false premise of creating jobs and supplying cheaper energy.The fact that numerous political figures, both in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, are directly involved with these companies is glossed over.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The DWP, publicly funded yet, privately controlled, by way of the delegation of responsibility for helping the unemployed, has become more like a punishment for being poor. They tell you to find a job. There are very few vacancies, the quality of which is less than acceptable. Zero hours contracts, where you have no certainty of work from one week, or in many cases, one day to the next. Employment agencies, often paying the minimum wage but expecting you to travel far from home at your own expense, which means the amount you spend on fuel/public transport takes your final wage amount below the minimum. Companies that take on DWP contracts, claiming to offer training, basic education in literacy and numeracy and a greater chance of the unemployed finding work, are in actual fact, sanction agents. They have a clear remit, to find any reason to either sanction your benefit payments, leaving many people destitute or, forcing you to work for that money, providing free labour for employers who obviously have vacancies to fill. Working for benefit payments, full time hours mind you, not just a few hours a week, means that the unemployed are working for far below the minimum wage. TOTALLY ILLEGAL. A court has already determined that this situation is in breach of employment law. The DWP has vowed to fight the ruling. Beligerent, much?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    But what can we do about this, how can we fight the government, when they have all the power and control? Call me extreme, call me deluded or naive. There is a solution. REVOLUTION. If you think it can’t or, shouldn’t be done, then shame on you. When your children or grandchildren ask you why poor people are treated like lepers, or the disabled are abused and insulted in the street, when they ask you why the rich minority have so much and the majority struggle to keep their heads above water, or constantly rely on borrowed money that they can never hope to pay back, what will you say? “There’s nothing we can do, we’re just ordinary people. We wait for someone to stop them, but nobody will come to our rescue”. You could say that. Or, you could say, “We know it’s up to us. We know that if we don’t rise up and say ENOUGH! we could never look at you and say that, even if we failed, we did at least try. We will stand our ground, stand together as one and tell the vindictive, theiving, hateful creatures that we are not like them. That we are sick and tired of being lied to, robbed, denied the basics that make life tolerable, sick and tired of being fed bullshit, told that the enemy is some foreign religious maniac, so we all have to be treated like suspects, for our own protection. Disgusted that they do all these things, treat people so badly, deny the majority the opportunity to improve their lives, because they are convinced of their own superiority and, because they are addicted to power and money. They will do whatever it takes to defend and maintain the artificial system that keeps them at the top of the heap of humanity. It’s up to us, all of us to say NO! Humanity is not a heap, it’s a diverse and magnificent collection of individuals. We need to come to gether as one powerful, unstoppable force for good. We need ,more than we ever have before, to rise up and bring the system down. The choice is yours. I choose to resist. I choose revolution. I DEMAND MY FREEDOM.   


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