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They’ll make you an offer you’re too scared to refuse.

December 29, 2013

‘Why bother fighting? You can’t beat the system. They hold all the cards so don’t try to resist ’em. They make the rules and decide what is law, how it was and will be, for evermore. The system is God and don’t you forget it, rise and resist and you will regret it. Don’t fight the system or challenge the man, they run the whole show, they set the plan. Be a good little sheep and ask no questions, trust in the man and take his protection, do as you’re told and you’ll come to no harm, be a good sheep and stay on the farm. You’ll be fed and watered, entertained and amused. So the malcontents get slaughtered, that’s because they refused to comply with the order, to be a good sheep. Just trust in the system and remain half asleep.’ This is the offer they make to the people, do as you’re told and be good little sheeple. Big Brother loves you, he’s fair and kind and in return for his love, just switch off your mind. Dare to challenge, object or resist and you’ll feel the force of his loving fist, speak up and speak out at your own risk. Who could refuse an offer like this? Well, I for one have made my decision, I refuse to adopt a compliant position. I know that you’re scared of the extreme solution, but we’re left with no choice. It must be #REVOLUTION People are dying right now at their hands. Rise up. Resist and make a stand.


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