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Revolution is the solution

March 7, 2014

I haven’t bothered with my blog in a long time. I started it because I felt it was a good way of achieving my aim, which is to instigate uprising in this country. And yes, I’m fully aware that many hear the call for #REVOLUTION and think, “Oh, another tedious leftie malcontent, banging on about injustice and the erosion of rights. But they won’t get what they want, we’re British. We don’t do that kind of thing!” Well, the referendum on Scottish independence is coming in september and I firmly believe that the #YES campaign will be successful, once and for all destroying the myth of this ‘Happy Union’, a myth perpetuated by those who consider the Scottish people to be British subjects, subservient to their mastersin London. They are no more British I am. They are Scottish, I am English. None of us are subjects. The myth of Britishness, that familiar old image of a union of nations under one flag, ruled over by a beloved monarch and all pulling together, so proud to be British. UTTER BOLLOCKS! The Union was never entered into freely by Scotland or Wales, the choice they were given was very stark. Accept the rule of the English or be subjugated by the English. We used military and economic might to impose our will upon free people, treating them ever since like second class relatives we’d rather not talk about. As much could be said for the treatment of the English who don’t fit the profile of what a ‘real Englander’ should be, the jingoistic, self-interested, castle dwelling bigot, or the go-getting hungry entrepenuer who quite gleefully steps on any who stand in their way, because the prize is there for the taking. You just have to be ruthless enough to get there first! I’m English but, does that make me better than those who are not? No. It just means I’m one nationality rather than another, no better or worse than another because of it. The attitude of the selfish elitists currently decimating the society and welfare system we worked so hard to create after WW2 has infected the minds of many, aided in no small part by a corrupt and cowardly mainstream media, has created a sense of fear and mistrust amongst the majority of people, forcing divisions between them when, in truth, they share a common enemy. The system is comprised of corporate sharks, hellbent on owning everything and making us pay for it, corrupted weak politicians who seek only to feather their own nests and media types who like being famous and, shamefully, will sacrifice journalistic or personal integrity to ensure their position as respected or adored names in the eyes of the sheep-like populus. And they are the biggest problem of all, the willfully ignorant cretins who see the lies they’re force-fed through the mainstream, realise that they’re being lied to and then, disregard it. They believe that not getting involved will somehow protect them from the onslaught, ignorant of the fact that persecution unchecked spreads, engulfing all but the persecuters. So yes, I’m calling for a #REVOLUTION, to rid us of injustice and to ensure that we have the rights that our forebears gave their lives to defend, that our children and grandchildren have those same rights in future years. Call me what you will, a malcontent, a hopeful idealist or a misguided fool. I know that the future is looking very bleak for the ninety-nine per cent, unless we break the grip on power of the destructive and compassionless one per cent. #REVOLUTION is the only solution.


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