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Revolution is the solution

March 7, 2014

imblackwillow1's Blog

I haven’t bothered with my blog in a long time. I started it because I felt it was a good way of achieving my aim, which is to instigate uprising in this country. And yes, I’m fully aware that many hear the call for #REVOLUTION and think, “Oh, another tedious leftie malcontent, banging on about injustice and the erosion of rights. But they won’t get what they want, we’re British. We don’t do that kind of thing!” Well, the referendum on Scottish independence is coming in september and I firmly believe that the #YES campaign will be successful, once and for all destroying the myth of this ‘Happy Union’, a myth perpetuated by those who consider the Scottish people to be British subjects, subservient to their mastersin London. They are no more British I am. They are Scottish, I am English. None of us are subjects. The myth of Britishness…

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