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Imagine if……..

April 10, 2014

Imagine if this happened. It’s nearing the 2015 general election, since May Day 2014 there have been mass demonstrations, civil disobedience across the land, a few Labour MP’s have resigned from the party, throwing their support behind genuinely socialist political groups. Those same groups have begun to coalesce, to be united as one, keeping the focus on the common enemy and gathering followers by the thousand, day after day. The coalition is panicking, taking the hardline attitude to any and all resistance. The Labour party itself is looking like a spare wheel on a jet-ski, nobody is expecting them to find the courage and conviction to ‘go left’, we’ve heard enough of their torylite thinking and given up hoping that Ed and his chums will remember what Labour is meant to stand for and who they are meant to represent.The Lib-Dems are in meltdown, Clegg being attacked from within the rank and file, facing challenges to his position and getting slaughtered in the media. Cameron and his vile cohorts have retreated to their ivory towers, sitting back and watching the country tear itself apart. Or so they hoped. The hardline response has backfired on the coalition, causing people who would never have considered protesting or opposing the police, to rise up and take action, to tell the fascists that they see through the smoke and mirrors and they will not stand by and let tyranny have a free hand. No longer will they turn a blind eye and cock a deaf ear to the blatant corruption, the corporate interference in policy making and never again will they place their trust in the elitist and insular political system that has betrayed the vast majority of the populus, not to mention committed numerous criminal acts during their tenure. Imagine it, see it, make it happen. We must walk the road of revolution, there is no option. It’s the only way that we will ever see true democracy in this country. It’s upto us to make it a reality.


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